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Obesity in the News

Obesity is a much publicized and researched topic. This section will highlight some of the most interesting and innovative issues surrounding obesity in our Nation, in our State, and in our County.

Pennsylvania Department of Education Awards Funding to Support Childhood Obesity Prevention Efforts – August 21, 2009

Wisconsin Coalition Launches Walk-to-School Program for Local Schools – August 25, 2009

Report: Tips on Creating Fat-Fighting Communities – September 1, 2009

Curbing Obesity Epidemic Key to Health Care Reform: Experts- September 11, 2009

Lunch Ladies Going Gourmet as Food Gets New Look- August 3, 2010

Pregnant Moms Who Overeat Could Make Obese Babies- August 5, 2010

FDA Releases Guidance on Federal Menu Labeling Requirements- August 25, 2010

Baby Carrots Take on Junk Food with Hip Marketing Campaign- August 29, 2010

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