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file icon Shopping When Money is Tighthot!Tooltip 07/19/2010 Hits: 2324
Many families are concerned about the rising costs of food. Read on for tips on how to stretch your food dollars.
file icon Portion Sizes Made Easyhot!Tooltip 07/19/2010 Hits: 2376
This Microsoft Powerpoint Slideshow explains healthy portion sizing and control.
file icon Portion Size Researchhot!Tooltip 07/19/2010 Hits: 2380
Do increased portion sizes affect how much we eat?
How to actively determine the proper meal portions.
file icon Food Labelshot!Tooltip 07/19/2010 Hits: 2354
Eating healthier and feeling better by using the nutrition facts label.
A One-sheet print with the top 10 ways to stay healthy this summer.
The research that we cover in this brief will support the conclusion that replacing foods of high energy density (high calories per weight of food) with foods of lower energy density, such as fruits and vegetables, can be an important part of a weight management strategy.
file icon ABC's of Smart Snackinghot!Tooltip 07/19/2010 Hits: 5123
A guide to healthy snacking.
file icon A Healthy Platehot!Tooltip 07/19/2010 Hits: 2284
A Microsoft Powerpoint Slideshow that will walk you through the components of a healthy meal.
file icon 15 Healthy Snackshot!Tooltip 07/19/2010 Hits: 1314
A Microsoft Publisher document with a chart of 15 healthy snacks